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We'd love you to play tennis - that's why our membership fees are very flexible. Have a look what suits you best.

Our membership fees include the use of floodlights, so you won't have to pay anymore to play under the floodlights! If you have any questions do not hesitate to get in touch with the Administrator at




Full Member

Single member

Unlimited play, full year

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Husband and Wife


Unlimited play, full year

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Entire Family

Family inc children in full time education

Unlimited play, full year

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Off Peak member

One member

Playing until 5.30m Mon-Fri, full year

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from £120

Under 30 & Students

£190 (Under 30) // Uni Student £120

Unlimited play, full year

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from £120


£160* (under 18), £120* (under 14)

Unlimited play, full year

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from £45

Younger Juniors

£80*- Under 10, £45* - under 8

£105 - Social Plus (parent hitting with their child only)

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from £35

Social membership only

Non-playing guardian/parent U14/U10/U8

No play

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* Under 14, 10 and 8 MUST have a parent/guardian Social or playing member.

*Under 10 and Under 8 - no play after 5.30pm except Friday

Q: How do I get my BTM number?

British Tennis Membership is free for anyone who is a member of a tennis club. Once you become a member, please apply on LTA website.

Q: How do I get my LTA rating?

To achieve an LTA ratings you need to enter (and win) LTA tournaments - which you can play at the club. Our coaching team can give you more information. You can always visit British Tennis or talk to our coaches.

Q: Do I get Wimbledon tickets through the Club?

Yes, your Club membership entitles you to participate in the Wimbledon Ballot. You would need to opt-in via BTM website