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We are a private members club, run by volunteers and open to local people of all ages, abilities and backgrounds. We aim to be inclusive and diverse, we nurture talent and encourage both social and competitive tennis. Listed below are Club's Policies (including Safeguarding Policy and Diversion & Inclusion Policy) as well as set of Club rules that underpins our commitment to members and members commitment to the Club.

The grass court season commences on the first Saturday in May, weather permitting.

The courts shall not be used on any day before 11.00 a.m. nor after dusk or when there is dew or when wet or damp.

The courts shall not be played on when in an unfit condition. The Groundsman is the judge of a court's fitness for play. Your Committee and Groundsman really do try to make the courts available to the maximum, but inevitably there will be occasions when, for weather or other reasons, courts have to be taken out of use. Please note that the grass courts are progressively taken out of use towards the end of September.

The published rota for the use of grass courts must be observed and will be displayed on the court notice board.

  • Play restricted on carpet courts to one hour sessions if all carpet courts in use and members are waiting to use carpet court - irrespective of other court availability.
  • Courts 5 & 6 or 15, 16 &17 allocated for coaching throughout the year. Juniors have priority on Court 17.
  • COURT 17 has JUNIOR PRIORITY except  (a)    Senior Club Nights - Wednesdays from 6.00 p.m.

    (b)    Thursdays - April-June from 6.00 p.m. (Team Practices)

  • Mini Court available anytime.
  • COURT ALLOCATION (for Summer Season Saturday & Sunday afternoons).

    Courts 1, 2, 3 & 4                       Club play-no matches on these courts.

    Courts 7, 8, & 9                          Match courts

    Court 5 & 6 or 15, 16 & 17         Coaching Courts

    Court 17                                     Juniors


    When no grass available matches on 15, 16 & 17.

    When no grass available club play on 10, 11 & 12.


(a)    Adults have priority in choice of surface over juniors (except court 17- Junior Court).

(b)    Adults cannot choose to play on a particular court if other courts of a similar surface are available


(a)   Adult Doubles

(b)   Adult/Junior Doubles

(c)    Adult Singles

(d)   Junior Doubles

(e)   Junior Singles

NOTE - An adult singles commenced before all available courts were in use can continue until one hour from start time shown on the board.

  1. All members must enter their name and start time on the board before play - failure to do so will give members arriving subsequently the right to claim the court.
  2. Playing time is restricted to one hour. Members who have been waiting to play on the surface of their choice must be allowed to take priority at the end of the one hour period.
  3. When all courts are in use, members arriving for play may reserve a court by entering their names against their designated court.
  4. Courts may be booked for recognised OUTSIDE tournament matches by contacting Michelle Ryan (07875 604872) at least 24 hours in advance. Special attention should be paid to avoiding peak times. Bookings will only be taken for Monday and Thursday evenings, and Saturday and Sunday at 9.00 a.m. and 12.00 noon. In addition, Juniors may book for play before 4.30 p.m. on weekdays and in school holidays.
  5. The Committee shall have the right of reserving any number not exceeding six of the courts for matches on any one day. The number of courts reserved for any tournament shall be at the discretion of the Committee and will be clearly displayed on the club notice board beforehand. Courts reserved for coaching will also be clearly marked.

The 5 floodlit courts are available for members up to 8.30 pm in the winter months, except for Wednesdays (club night from 6pm) and when the courts have been authorized by the Committee for coaching

Members and guests shall wear recognised tennis attire. Track suits may be worn in cold weather. Only tennis shoes are permitted for all courts. Shoes must not have ribbed soles or heels. TRAINING SHOES ARE NOT PERMITTED ON ANY COURTS AT ANY TIME.

Any member is at liberty to introduce a friend visiting the neighbourhood, as a visitor to the Club, providing that:

  • The member enters the visitor's name in the Visitors Book and also pays the relevant fees before commencing play.  (Adults £5.00. Under 18's £3.00.)
  • The total number of visits by any one visitor shall not exceed six in any one Club year.
  • Visitors may use all the facilities of the Club.

Persons participating in matches and tournaments at the Club are deemed to be guests of the Club and do not need to pay a visitor's fee nor be restricted to the six times rule.

No paper, notices or placard, written or printed, shall be exhibited in the Clubhouse without the sanction of the Chairman, Honorary Secretary, Team Captains or Administrator.

General queries should be directed to the Administrator.

For any matters requiring the attention of the Committee please contact the Hon. Secretary in the first instance.


No dog is to be allowed in the Clubhouse or grounds unless on a lead and must be kept under control.

Cycles must be parked in the racks provided or on the grass next to the racks and NOT be leaned against the Clubhouse or the chain fencing around the courts. Cycles must not be taken past the Clubhouse. At no point should they be ridden in the grounds.

Any complaints should be made in writing to the Club Administrator at who, if unable to deal with them, shall submit them to the Committee whose decision shall be final. In no instance shall a servant of the Club be reprimanded directly by a Member.